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Life at the SFC as an experienced professional
I get to play a central role in the running of the Hong Kong's investment markets and make a real impact on the way people do business.
I have access to a broad spectrum of investment industry experience and the opportunity to develop expert-level knowledge of Hong Kong investment markets.
I get to play a role in forming and enforcing the rules and regulations that help maintain Hong Kong's position as a world-class investment centre.

As Hong Kong’s securities regulator, we have a unique, complex and important responsibility. Our people is driven by a single purpose – to protect investors and improve Hong Kong as a world-class centre of investment. We must therefore keep pace with the fast-moving investment markets. Our unique environment is as challenging and dynamic as any commercial business, where people gain valuable exposure, broader experience and long-term career progression. Join us and apply your experience to a bigger and better objective.

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Meet our people

Carina Lai, Manager - Intermediaries Supervision 

“The SFC gives you a wide exposure to the market, constant training to keep up-to-date with market trends and development to prepare for new challenges.”


Working at the SFC gives me a wide exposure to different groups of clientele varying in sizes and scopes. My day-to-day work involves meeting with different licensed corporations to understand how they run and the control measures they have in place.

This job gives me opportunities to meet with the senior management of licensed corporations for both discussion on their operations and advising on their control processes. I believe these opportunities are very rare for junior staff working elsewhere. Being able to spot potential breaches and detect potential fraud during inspections are the moments that give me a great sense of achievement. I am reminded of the meaningful purpose my work serves in protecting the public interests.

The SFC understands that in order for its staff to carry out their duties, they must be equipped with sufficient regulatory and market knowledge, hence, we receive an immense amount of support to stay on top of market developments. The large variety of training courses and seminars provided here are impressive. At the SFC, the culture of continuous learning is very much embedded in the workplace. I think this is the secret to why the SFC has always been able to stay abreast of the market rather than lag behind it.

I have learnt a lot working alongside intelligent and professional colleagues who come from different backgrounds with different areas of specialization. They are very willing to talk about problematic cases and are very open for discussion as we work on different projects as a team.

Those who are attracted by the non-profit-making nature of the SFC and who answer to the call to defend the orderliness of the securities and futures market in HK should consider a career at the SFC. The SFC gives you a wide exposure to the market, constant training to keep up-to-date with market trends and development to prepare for new challenges. You should not expect to perform routine work here as all our cases are very different. The SFC plays a unique role in safeguarding the soundness of the securities and futures market in Hong Kong. It is well-recognized and reputable in the financial industry, both locally and internationally . I feel privileged to be part of it and to be contributing to the greater good of our society.

Last update: 5 Sep 2018

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